Happy Hour


Las Vegas . Nevada

Competition / Teamwork

Team Member: Kenny Chao

07 2020 / 2 weeks

We are constantly running a rat race. Unquestionably upholding daily routines and responsibilities within a network of individual and collective systems, our conjectures between work and play become dissociated and represented as divorced actions operating in two distinct architectural environments – the office and the playground. In reference to hamster dwellings, their inhabitable ways of living are discerned through the confluence of colorful toy products scattered and displaced as a field condition within a bounded site. Each item serves dual functions, of which can be defined as utilitarian and recreational. This project confronts the notion of organizing archetypal objects in a scaleless manner to disrupt rigidity and provide a playful medium for humans to operate. In this container, work coalesces with leisure, utilizing genres of architecture to unite the consistencies of routine with the inconsistencies of play.